What You Should Marathon Next: The Fall

Mayra Maradiaga, Columnist

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Lately, it seems that British television has invaded America and caused many to glue their eyes to a screen for hours on end. Shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Broadchurch have all gained popularity in recent years amongst audiences for several reasons. Another BBC show that should be added to this list is psychological thriller The Fall.

The crime drama follows Metro Police superintendent detective Stella Gibson, played by The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson, who is brought to Belfast, Northern Ireland in order to investigate a string of murders of young professional women that have occurred in the area.

On one end of the show we see Detective Gibson trying to connect all the pieces that have been gathered in the investigation, while on the other end we get a look into the day to day activity of murderer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), who manages his work and home life while planning the hunt and killing of his next victim.

At first, we don’t get much information about Spectator’s character, but as the show develops, the audience is given information about the troubled man that hints as to his twisted state of mind.

Dornan’s performance as Spector manages to leave viewers contemplating whose side they are on. Much like in the hit show Breaking Bad, we see the protagonist doing contemptible things to those around him as he hides from the authorities in plain sight.

This character, despite his wicked ways, becomes one that audiences may find themselves rooting for. Spector is dark, obviously disturbed, and creepy, yet charming and intelligent. Jamie Dornan not only brings this macabre character to life perfectly, but also adds a flair that benefits the story as a whole.

Meanwhile, the seemingly heartless Detective Gibson knows that, in order to be taken seriously in her field, a wall must be placed between herself and those around her. She has trained herself not get attached to the investigation, despite becoming increasingly active in catching the killer before he strikes again. Anderson plays Detective Gibson as the strong, confident, persistent woman that she is, but also adds a sense of vulnerability to her that makes viewers question whether she can handle everything that is going on around her.

In addition to the strong acting from everyone on the show, clever and artistic camera work and a thrilling script makes this BBC a fantastic binge watch. Since it’s not a “whodunit” type of show and we follow both the detective and killer’s lives, every episode just builds up the suspense. With two seasons and a total of eleven episodes, audiences will be left wanting more.

All television shows mentioned are available for streaming on Netflix.

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