The Film Appreciation Program Brings the Movie Theater to Pace


Film Appreciation Program at Pace

Students gathered on Alumni Lawn to watch the featured film of the night, “Some Like it Hot.”

Jake Maddia, Contributing Writer

This past Friday, Pace students were lucky enough to get together and watch the iconic Marilyn Monroe movie Some Like it Hot on the Alumni Hall lawn at an event hosted by the Film Appreciation Program.

The club welcomed students to the lawn with a variety of different appetizers to choose from. Now, why would the club show an old movie like Some Like it Hot? Well, E-board members Patrick Murphy and Cecily Casas said that they wanted to give Pace students a chance to experience a much older film.

“We wanted to show an older film to a more modern audience. That way they will appreciate the film more,” Casas said.

Despite the nice weather Friday night, and that Some Like it Hot is a classic movie that is loved by many people, the E-board members said they were hesitant to start the event due to the lack of a crowd. In fact, they all think that the reason why they were able to draw a bigger crowd was the unexpected fire drill that occurred in Alumni Hall at the same time that same night.

“We didn’t expect the fire drill to happen,” E-board member Patrick Murphy said. “But once the alarm went off and people came outside, that definitely made more people attend the event.”

Since the whole idea of this Friday night movie was to get more people to see and appreciate an older film, it was fitting that the club showed this movie because of its classic black and white aesthetic paired with the household name, Marilyn Monroe. However, the club mentioned that the film might not have been the best choice for this event.

“This may not be the best movie to watch outside because there are too many distractions,” Murphy said.

But if you get a chance to see the movie again, only with fewer distractions, definitely check it out because it is a timeless film.

The main purpose of the event was to make the Alumni Hall lawn feel like a drive-in theater. This choice was influenced by the fact that this type of theater is a classic way to watch movies that has died out in the past few decades. Club members said that if they could bring back drive-in-theaters, they absolutely would.

Hopefully, the Film Appreciation Club does more events like this on campus because it can be a delight to watch a critically-acclaimed film on a big screen in the comfort of your own campus.