Pace gives students Pass/Fail option for Spring 2021


Zoom machines are one of the many ways classes have been taught this semester. Due to the challenges students have faced with remote learning, Pace is adopting the pass/fail option for Spring 2021.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Pace is allowing students to choose a pass/fail option for their Spring 2021 courses. This option was implemented during Spring 2020 and has continued during the course of the pandemic. All students will be able to take pass/fail except for the College of Health Professions. This is due to certification requirements.

The decision was was approved by both the New York and Pleasantville council. Combined, the faculty councils consist of approximately 450 full-time faculty members.

Students will have to make the decision to select pass/fail prior to midnight on May 1.

For undergraduate courses, a letter grade of D or above will earn a “pass.” Additionally, a “fail” will be weighed on your GPA, whereas a Pass will not impact one’s GPA.

According the Provosts office, “Students who must raise their GPA to remain in good academic standing are strongly discouraged from selecting the “pass” option. ”

Additionally, the pass/fail decision could impact admittance to a next level course,  internal and external university programs (such as graduate schools) as well as financial aid.

Pace is highly encouraging that students meet with instructors, advisors, and financial aid to ensure that the decision is right for each individuals circumstance. Moreover, student-athletes are required to reach out to Claudia Stabile or Matt Anthony according to the email sent to all university students on April 5.