They call it an “Ex” for a reason

Hi there, I’m having trouble in my personal life. My ex-boyfriend keeps texting me saying that he misses me and I admit that I chased him into doing things with me, but it seems like he was only available when he wanted to do things. I gave him so many chances and I still love him. My question is Do I get back together with him? Please Help!

Signed, Anonymous

The short answer is: no. Do not get back together with him.

If you’ve had to give him multiple chances, and he ruined each one, he will never be what you want him to be. If he made
himself available to you only when it benefitted him, then he simply doesn’t care about what you
want or how you feel. He could say whatever he wants to say, but it’s how he acts that counts. I
get that you might still love him, but consider that it’s because you keep letting him back into
your life to make you happy one second and then break your heart the next. My advice is that
you let him go entirely; don’t give him the chance to hurt you once again.