Phi Sig Showcases Sexy Legs

Emily Wolfrum, Editor-in-Chief

When asked to describe what makes a pair of super sexy legs, freshman business student Kevin Pereira had only one requirement: “Hairless. That’s it. Hairless legs.”

While such male attendees may have been more partial to clean-shaven contestants than their female counterparts, both genders were invited to strut their stuff in Phi Sigma Sigma’s annual Sexy Leg competition last Friday.

At stake was not only a hefty prize of a $100 gift card, but also the reigning title of possessing Pace’s sexiest legs.

The event, which ensured anonymity with draped sheets of paper covering each contestant’s top half, required each set of sexy legs to walk, run, and “slow-motion walk” for a panel of five judges.

Brief biographies were read for each contestant, featuring provocative innuendos almost as revealing as the legs themselves.

Offstage, a table of fraternity brothers near the front whistled and begged for encores, while apprehensive, yet very engaged freshman boys sat wide-eyed near the back. Sorority sisters filled the spaces in between, socializing and mouthing the words to every pop song that came on.

Even engaged watchers bared all, donning their shortest skirts and highest heels and providing amusement at every corner.

“People get a kick out of it. It’s really entertaining,” said junior childhood education major and Phi Sig fundraising chair Kristen DeRosa who helped planned the event. “There’s always new contestants and always something new to see.”

Such new and thrilling things to see included raunchy popping, the arousing use of a pool noodle, and a very notable contestant’s wrestling outfit.

“I was originally going to wear Calvin Klein underwear, but then I found this in my closet,” male winner Lee Hurlbert said, pointing to his form-fitting singlet.

The freshman computer science major may have socked the competition, but admitted that his outfit was perhaps the only thing he actually planned, as he entered the Sexy Legs contest in the eleventh hour.

“I actually signed up five minutes before the event started,” he said. “I heard a friend was doing it and I joined him. I didn’t even know there was money involved.”

Female Sexy Legs winner and sophomore biology major Vitoria Bernardes, however, attributed her win to preparation and outfit consultation with her sorority sisters before the event.

“It was a really fun event and lots of fun to participate in,” she said following her win.

In addition to contestant preparation, from outfit to song selection, the Phi Sig sisters kept their legs busy making the event the stimulating success that it was.

“A lot of preparation went into this,” said Phi Sig Vice President and junior business management major Alison Wu who worked with DeRosa on planning. “It’s an annual event, so the concept was already there, but we started preparing last semester, contacting contestants and judges, and hanging fliers and decorations before the event.”

After seeing the affluence of last year’s col-“leg”-iate competition, continuing the custom wasn’t a long shot.

“An alumni thought of it and it’s become a tradition,” said junior communications major Emily Riehle. “It’s a more creative take on a pageant or talent show and a good way to raise money for our group and philanthropy organization.”

Proceeds from the Sexy Leg competition went towards Phi Sigma Sigma and its charity organization, the National Kidney Foundation.