Townhouse Day, You In?

Townhouse Day, You In?

Cecilia Levine, Managing Editor

As much as students get a kick out of complaining about the party scene at Pace, or lack there of, one thing that most students have gained as a result is a new appreciation for the liberty to let loose. One day each year students are allowed free reign of the “party zone”.

“It’s a nice change to have the RAs not care even if it’s just for one day,” said senior finance major and economics minor Cody Pannella. “All year they’re very strict so it’s cool to be able to play beer pong outside without worrying about being written up or getting the party shut down.”

Unlike other colleges that engage in parties on a weekly basis, Townhouse Day planning begins up to a year ahead of time. The Townhouse Hall Council will continue to schedule the celebrations as long as the planets revolve around the sun. Students set countdowns and look forward to the annual festivities as soon as the Townhouse Day sun sets. New students, eager to experience the highly anticipated day, make do with the stories and reports provided by older peers until the event eventually rolls around for their enjoyment as well.

“I’ve heard that it’s the most fun day of the year,” said freshman education major Louie Fortes. “People have compared it to the movie Spring Breakers because of the non-stop partying and stress free atmosphere.”

Townhouse Day is ultimately the brain-child of students who decided to dedicate a day to organized drinking. It may very well be the one day that students will set early alarms and wake up without having to hit the snooze button. Although students are perfectly content to mingle and mosey, Townhouse Day has started to incorporate carnival-esque activities for the students to benefit from.

“The Residence Hall Association placed a BMS request for Townhouse Day to the BAC committee and Senate,” said Caity Kirschbaum,  for SDCA. “So the funds used are from the student activity fee that is allocated by the students.”

In years’ past, the addition of a jousting ring, foam pit and inflatable water slide have proven to be well-liked by participants. This year the fee will be covering a surf ‘n slide, wave-water slide, photo booth and food from Vienna’s Pizzaria.

“I really like the new inflatables and games,” said Pannella. “They’re actually my favorite part about last year’s Townhouse Day.”

This year’s Townhouse Day is set to take place on Saturday, Apr. 27 rain or shine.