Students overcome their fears on “Open Mic Night”


Jeremy Langdale singing loud for Pace to hear. Photo by Carmen Ballon

Carmen Ballon, Social Media Manager

Students conquered the stage during WPAW’s open mic night this past week. Many performers of all kind, came out to show their talents.

“We let people share their talent. Whatever that may be. Some people do songs, or they play instruments, or they do poetry. It’s very open,” said John Watson.

Brian Powell, a freshman who was nervous to perform, finished with a crowd of applause. He explains how important this event is for the community.

“I feel like it’s important because it’s a comfortable environment for people to get out there and conquer their fears.”

Every year, WPAW hosts this event to give the opportunity to students to share their talents, with good food too!

John Watson, senator of WPAW explained his joy for the event.

“Some songs I’ve never heard of… and you got people clapping along and singing too. It’s really cool, everyone is very supportive.”

Even regular students attended to support the community.

“I’m really good friends with the eboard and I just wanted to come out to support,” said Eric Alonzo

Food, music, and friends, what more could you ask for?