Late Night Intellectual Talks Creates an Open Space for Conversation

Carmen Ballon, Social Media Manager

In a crowded room, students debated heavily throughout the night, bringing life to Kessel while learning of new perspectives of controversial topics.

Pace’s Late Night Intellectual Talks gives students an open space to discuss relevant current events or controversial topics people normally shy away from.

President of Pace’s Late Night Intellectual Talks, Stephanie M Nazario, believes in the power of freedom of speech, giving importance to allow students to talk about how they feel.

“It gives a free space…It is really about getting more people involved in speaking….Like what they feel like and feel free to talk about what they think about these topics…”

The club was formed because of the lack of space to communicate on current events.

“A lot of freshmen kept saying there are things that we need to speak about and there was a conversation I was having with a couple of football players…and we were talking about taking a knee in the game,” Stephanie M Nazario said. “That’s what sparked the idea…we were all sitting there and they said…we don’t get to talk about this on our team…and that’s why I feel this way…I feel so passionately about this…and then we had other people like come in…it just became a big discussion.”

Pace’s L.I.T launched last semester, with discussions of sexual assault, abortions, and marijuana.

Diana Kaltenborn, a new guest to the club, felt that Pace’s L.I.T. offered a safe haven for students.

“This club, is extremely important with what our life is like today. On the media…news..etc we here all these crazy things…but there isn’t a space to talk…there isn’t the right place to talk…I think it’s interesting that we have this now…it’s a pretty cool thing…”

During this past meeting, the topic was related to black history month. A presentation was created to display different categories involving African Americans in music, sports, and entertainment. After each slide, a question was posed to the audience.

Every Thursday night, Pace L.I.T. meets. Prior to the meeting, a topic is chosen based on the club members desire or current events of the week.

Nazario, feels that it is important to have this open space and hopes that all students can join in the conversation.