A Look into the Fashion World with POSE


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Pace Original Style Etiquette is bringing extravagant fashion culture to Pace through events and social media.

Sofia Torio, Contributing Writer

From a simple interest in fashion to forming a popular campus club, Anthony Bradford created Pace Original Style Etiquette (POSE).

As a freshman, Bradford co-founded POSE along with former Pace students Akhila Ramesh and Emetekoro Omene. With a passion for personal style, the three had the idea of forming a fashion club in which students can learn and discuss today’s top trends in the fashion world.

As the club’s president, Bradford’s goal is to enhance fashion culture on campus by encouraging individual style.

“I’m a commuter so I have to think about what I want to wear every day to come here so I have to put effort into my outfits, so I just want to change the whole lifestyle of campus by creating a fashion club,” Bradford said.

At weekly POSE meetings, Bradford, as well as other members of the club, discuss what is currently popular in the fashion industry, as well as participate in activities to introduce new trends and educate participants about the culture.

A popular event that was hosted this past year was a “DIY Distress Yourself” activity in which students brought their own pieces of clothing and were taught how to customize and distress them according to the current season’s trend.

POSE is most known for its signature fashion shows that encourage all Pace students to participate and attend. This past spring semester, POSE collaborated with Career Services a week before the Career Fair to display interview-appropriate outfits.

“We had a whole fashion week where every day, Monday through Friday, we had a different event going on, bringing awareness on how to dress properly for the event,” Bradford stated.

The club also collaborates with the Students of Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) to put on an annual fashion show in which they contact designers from all over New York to bring in their work and have it modeled by students. This is POSE’s most popular event and is open to all students to attend and participate in.

POSE is also known for its signature “What are You Wearing Wednesday” posts, also known as #WYWW on social media.

“’What are You Wearing Wednesday’ is when we go around campus every Wednesday, mostly during common hour because that’s when everyone is usually in the same location, like in Kessel,” he said. “If we see someone wearing an outfit that we can tell they put together and thought about, we’ll ask them if they’d like to take a picture for our club’s Instagram page.”

POSE is very active on campus and its members are already planning future events. Their next event will be an educational hair, skin, and beauty event which will be held on Oct. 24.

With 50 active members, POSE is ready to kick off the school year with its goal to encourage all members to engage and take pride in their personal style.