Disney Fan Club Hosts Spooky Party just in Time for Halloween

Pace students got to live out their childhoods again dressed as their favorite Disney characters.


Lindsey Gill

Disney Fan Club hosted its very first event this past Friday night.

Sofia Torio, Contributing Writer

The Disney Fan Club (DCF) hosted its very-first event this past Friday, getting everyone in the Halloween spirit.

As the holiday is quickly approaching, DCF hosted a Halloween Party open to all students to attend. A Disney-themed costume party seemed to be a fitting way to kick off the year for the club. Attendees enjoyed free food all night, a live DJ from the WPAW, Disney-themed coloring activities, and a photo booth to take pictures with their friends.

The club’s president, Joe Torres, came up with the idea to start the club last fall, and it officially became active in the 2018 spring semester.

“Who doesn’t like Disney?” Torres said. “So, I got together with a few of my friends and I said, ‘Hey guys, I know you’re all kind of interested in Disney, would you guys want to make a Disney club?’”

Torres created the club so those with similar interests can meet, and as a way for students to take a break from their academics and studies to simply enjoy childlike times.

“Instead of [clubs] always being based around majors and resume builders, we’re trying to put ourselves out there to say ‘Hey look, clubs like this work,” Torres said.

Near the end of the night, the club announced their costume contest winners. 13 students participated in the contest dressed as their favorite Disney characters and some with creative twists.

As good as everyone’s costume was, junior and Residential Assistant Connor Wills came in first place for her costume as the character Bambi, using special effect makeup and prosthetics.

Lindsey Gill
Wills (second from the left) and her costume as Bambi.

A member of the club, Rocco Odell, came close with a third place finish dressed as Wilbur Robinson from Meet The Robinson’s. Odell said he created his costume in the spur of the moment without knowing whether or not he was even going to participate in the contest.

“I actually watched Meet the Robinson’s like a week ago and I was like ‘Wait! I can be Wilbur from there,” he said. “‘I have black hair and I could just make the costume easily!’”

With 20-25 currently active members and 70 event attendees, President Joe Torres encourages all students to join and get involved.

“We’re trying to get more clubs like this out there, that way there’s more of an interest and more involvement from the Pace community,” Torres said. “If anyone ever wants to come by and are interested, you can email anybody [and] we’re on Orgsync.”

“Definitely come out to our meetings because we’re definitely trying to implement activities and actually fund games and stuff at our meetings so if anybody wants to stop by feel free,” Torres continued.

In November, DCF is collaborating with the Asian Student Union to host a Mulan Movie Night. Asian-style snacks and decorations will be included, along with the screening of the film.