Programming Board holds annual 42nd Street Party

Alexis Friedman

Students have compiled onto Pace’s campus for the fall semester, even though in-person classes have been reduced. However even with social distancing guidelines, students will still find a way to have fun. On Friday, the Programming Board held their annual 42nd Street Party on Miller lawn. There was food, music, booths, games, a giant robot, and, of course, social distancing. In the age of COVID-19, arranging events is considered  difficult, if not impossible. 

“It wasn’t hard at all,” stated Kia Peart, Student Director of Programming. The event organizers managed to split attendance into three timeslots, where students were required to RVSP for one or more slots. Furthermore,  upon arrival they checked-in with the front desk .

In order to maintain safety standards, tables were spaced out on the lawn and regularly wiped down after use. All attendees and event employees wore masks, robots included, and lines to booths for t-shirts and other giveaways were marked by lines of tape on the ground to mark the distance at which they should socially distance.

Student attendance was fluid, with some  leaving shortly before returning to the party. Several took selfies with the robot (labeled a “Bionicle” by the DJ) and attended the socially distanced snack-bar. A few came in groups, but enforcement of social distancing was lax as there was plenty of space for students to mingle, and mask rules were obeyed.

The event provided a sense of normality, despite the uncertainty of the semester.