Setter Spotlight: Sister Susan

Nicolina Barone, Contributing Writer

During these unprecedented times, it is important to have someone on campus that provides a beacon of hope. Sister Susan Becker, the campus Chaplin at Pace, has decided to use her faith to do just that. She is a Sister of Divine compassion and a licensed psychotherapist and hopes to help the community anyway she can.

Although she is asked by countless parents every year to make their child go to church, she ensures she is, “not the church police.” However, her role at Pace is simply to be someone who will listen. Despite specializing in deep questions about god and faith,  she also looks to utilize her wisdom in other capacities from the the tiniest to the biggest one may encounter throughout life.

She explains that although there are many outlets that can be used for students on campus, she is different.

“Sometimes students are just looking for somebody who has no other agenda or has no authority or power over them,” says Becker.

Her goal is ultimately to be a support system for those who have none. Her phone number is given to any student who wishes to talk, and she promises to always listen.

Throughout these worrisome times, with COVID-19 and the upcoming 2020 election, she cannot stress enough how important it is to reach out to someone.

“Students and adults are all in their heads about this, they get anxious, it builds up and it has no place to go,” explained Becker.

Although Becker acknowledges the problem is bigger than us, and is not always fixable, but easing the worries through communication can do more than we imagine.

Even in her own small psychotherapy practice she’s seen the destruction firsthand of what COVID-19 can do to families. In addition to deaths, and watching individuals struggle financially and mentally, she’s also seen couples struggle.

She pointed out that, “couples struggle because of how much time they are spending together, they haven’t spent this much time together since their honeymoon.”

She again calls attention to how important it is to reach out for help during times of stress.

Although these times we live in today are scary, Sister Susan Becker reminds you, “to wear your mask, and call someone; a friend, a grandparent, a parent, a cousin, someone besides yourself, and I am always here to listen.”