Students head home excited for winter break


Katie Walsh

As the holidays approach, Setter are leaving campus for break earlier than normal withe unknown future still ahead.

Colby Payne, Contributing Writer

As we come to a close on what has been a strange first semester, students are beginning to make plans for winter break. Though, the strange times will not end upon returning home, for many the stress that school brings will.

However with COVID-19 cases on the rise and a potential shutdown on the way, what are students planning to do over the break? 

For freshman Avery Perez it’s an easy answer. “My plans are to start up at work again, work out and spend time with my familia!” she told me via text as she is already home in California.

Upon returning Perez was very excited to see her family, whom she had not seen since August. The weather certainly welcomed her back home as in California they are experiencing temperatures in the 70’s, vastly different from the winters that New York brings. 

Students at Pace are free to leave any belongings behind in their room over the break, as a return in the Spring is expected. But with the uncertainty we are experiencing in the world today, some students may be taking more items home with them. 

However, Perez fully plans. on coming back in January.

 “I surprisingly left quite a bit back in the dorm and only brought my favorite shoes, jackets, jeans and my textbooks of course,” she explained. 

The freshman was a student who had to quarantine upon coming to Pace for the first time in August. Recently, Pace announced that a quarantine would be in effect for students outside of certain states before next semester as well.  However Perez is prepared for the next quarantine.

“I am not nervous knowing that it is being done for the wellbeing of everyone. I will bring snacks, books and more activities to keep myself busy,” she explained.

For some students, they have their whole collegiate careers ahead. For others, the semester coming up will be their last. Senior Cory Kinchla has worries that next semester will be a stressful one.

“Taking directing and making our directing final is pretty much the thesis statement for film majors. I’ve had big plans for my directing project and I’m hoping the pandemic doesn’t alter my plans too much,” explained Kinchla.

The winter break will serve as a break for the senior as he has some exciting plans over the next month and a half.

“I am excited to see my friends and family back home along with practicing with my band again,” stated Kinchla


Whether you are a senior or a freshman, I am sure we can all agree that the coming break will serve as a relaxing precursor to next semester. As for myself, I plan on spending my time with friends and family along with working much needed hours at my job back home. Whoever you are, wherever you are, the Chronicle and myself wish you a safe, relaxing break and happy holidays!