Students react to Pace’s transition to Classes



How do students feel about Classes

Miaira Raiford, Contributing Writer

Learning Management Systems, (online learning software) have become a key tactic for higher educational institutions over the past decade. With the pandemic and fully remote classes; these platforms have become utilized even more on a daily basis.

Pace switched to Classes from BlackBoard this semester, and students are adapting to the transition with differing opinions.

A Pace senior, who goes by the name of AJ, was frustrated with the timing of the switch.

“It is just a terrible idea to switch in the middle of the school year. I don’t think it’s easier to navigate or more user friendly than BlackBoard,” she said.

Considering the uncertainties with the COVID-19 pandemic and the dependence on remote/online learning, it was a rough transition switching to an unfamiliar platform, but the longer Classes is used, the more students can grow with it.

“It’ll take some time to get used to. I think we’re all used to using BlackBoard,” said Edward Novick, a sophomore transfer student. “I found it kind of confusing to search for what assignments are due.”

Freshman Darla Kessie, like Novick, is still adapting to classes. However, she does see positives in it.

“I don’t hate Classes. I just feel like it takes a bit to navigate,” Kessie said. “So far I only use the content and activities tab, and I like how announcements for each class is the first thing you see.”

Despite its swift announcement and the extensive training needed for professors to learn it, Classes allows the faculty a wider sense of creativity that BlackBoard could not easily provide. Professors now have the option to organize their home pages and students now have the option to receive notifications and updates for their assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Th interface helps professors set up an ideal platform in a way that works best for how they run their classes.

“With BlackBoard, they were just filling up each section with what they thought went there,” digital cinema and filmmaking major, Brittany Walkingstick, said. “But each teacher had a different idea on what should go where, which made it confusing for students. I feel like BlackBoard was Windows 7 and Classes is Windows 10.”

Business major Audille Bardon agrees with Walkingstick’s opinion on Classes.

“I like Classes better. I feel it’s more easy to navigate and the design is cuter,” Bardon said. “I feel like it has more options available. It’s more personalized. It’s like Classes is YouTube and BlackBoard was DailyMotion.”