Mark Scalia: an Intersection of Business and the Arts


Mark Scalia, Senior DCF major.

Wesley Brown

Mark Scalia, a Senior MCVA student, has always held a keen passion for all things related to the visual arts. He said that he had this interest all while he was growing up.

“But, I would say that I got seriously into photography right at the end of high school when I started working for a professional photographer,” says Scalia.

While practicing photography all throughout college, He has built and managed his own business, Mascframes, which specializes in portraits and event photography gigs.

However, Mark doesn’t like limiting himself to a single area in his work. He also likes working on personal artistic projects. 

“I like creating everything visual so I don’t like sticking myself into one category,” said Scalia. “so I’ll have some nature, some street photography, portraits… anything pretty much”

His artistic vision surpasses only documenting the subjects of his work, however. He likes to add his own perspective as well.

Another shot from Scalia’s perspective (Mark Scalia).

“I also love capturing different things whether it’s through video or photo… capturing emotions, places, experiences,” he says.

As a Digital Cinema and Film (DCF) major, he eventually wants to do his own creative films as well. But, through his education, he has found help from unlikely places.

“Funny enough being a digital cinema and film major,” he says. “If you don’t know the business then it doesn’t matter because you won’t get anywhere with it.”

On top of his film education, he’s also taken a few business and marketing classes in school. He says, “It’s actually been those communications classes… the PR [public relations] classes, the marketing classes, that have been the most helpful as far as pushing my business out there.”

But, finding success through a balance of work, school, and life was something that his calendar couldn’t live without. 

Scalia states, “It’s really about time management, and I created my schedule so that I can focus on my classes 100% and I have days where I can just focus on my business.”

With such a busy schedule, he’s developed a tight turnaround for his work, “I love getting everything done the same day.”

Pace football and cheerleading on Homecoming Day (Mark Scalia).

He recently took photos for the football team at the homecoming game.

“I was there at the game from one to four, as soon as I got back to my dorm I was editing for the next five hours, and then sending everything out the night of,” he said.

From his experience, he has much advice to offer to people looking to get into careers in film and photography.

 “Take photos. Ask your friends to take photos,” said Scalia. “Reach out to people, make connections… anything you can do to just get practice.”

With hard work, Scalia has turned himself into a model of what success looks like as a student, photographer, and industry professional.

“Just get out and do it as much as you can,” he says. “Take those moments of inspiration where you feel like making something and just get out and make whatever you can.”