Keeping Chartwells In Check

Andreas Christou, Senior Copy Editor

Pace now has a new employee dedicated to bridging the gap between the university and Chartwells Dining Services, and making sure student concerns are heard. This past Jan., Clifford Mondesir was hired as the Compliance Manager for all of Paces campuses. Mondesir, who is an employee of Pace, not Chartwells, is tasked with making sure Chartwells is up to code with health regulations, safe food practices and sanitary conditions, as well as monitoring food services and relaying concerns the Pace community may have. This position was created by the Student Government Association (SGA) Administrative Task Force, working with Auxiliary Services, with the goal in having a Pace employee designated to deal with Chartwells and represent the interests of the university.

“This was brought up at early Administrative Task Force meetings last semester, that it would be very beneficial to the Pace community to have a full-time staff member to work with Pace Auxiliary Services, not Chartwells,” said Harrison Davies, Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President of Administration, “Mondesir’s hours are flexible, and he will be doing inquiries throughout the semester, so that students will have someone to go to with their concerns and not feel like they are invading the Chartwells turf,” added Davies.

Prior to his arrival at Pace, Mondesir was a supervisor at the New York City Health Department, and was part of the initial grading initiative that assigned letter grades to all eateries in the city. He will be conducting random checks on Chartwells throughout the year, ranging from a walk through to a full blown health inspection.

“Anything, whether it is a new complaint or not, I just want to know so that we can get it fixed,” said Mondesir, “Students can also contact Pace Auxiliary Services, who will get a centralized answer and find out if this is a common occurrence,” he added.

“Clifford has been a great addition to the Pace community, particularly the Administrative Task Force, and I think now students do have someone to go to,” said Harrison Davies. Mondesir also attended the Feb. 22 SGA meeting where he spoke to students about his new role.

“I think it’s great that we have someone from the university who is checking on Chartwells, and hopefully this will now give us the opportunity to have our complaints heard,” said freshman management major George DeFeis.

“I like engaging with all of the Pace students, faculty, and staff, in bringing a sense of wellness to the atmosphere by helping further the relationship between the Pace community and the Chartwells community,” said Mondesir. He also added that he is looking out for the best interests of the Pace community, and is looking to make sure that Pace gets the most out of their partnership with Chartwells.

Any student who would like to voice their concerns regarding Chartwells and their dining services can contact Pace Auxiliary Services, who will then report the complaints to Mondesir, and analyze which complaints and issues are more frequent than others.