Two Arrested in Friday the 13th Townhouse Fights

Taylor Longenberger, News Editor

Two Townhouse guests were taken away in handcuffs Fri. Sept. 13, according eyewitness students.

The Townhouses, like any regular Fri. night, were full of guests and partygoers spilling out into the walkways of each row. Particularly on this night, the

top row was packed with people standing around and outside of Townhouses 18 through 25.

Townhouse Resident Assis- tant (RA) JJ Gentile, who was on duty that night, was around Townhouse 14 where there was a large gathering of people and talk of a fight. The fight was not hap- pening in front of Townhouse 14, but was later found to be a dis- ruption in the parking lot at the top of the hill.

With lots of yelling and screaming from two different ar-

guments, the commotion caused a great deal of confusion as to what was really going on. Things finally settled down a bit due to the injection of Townhouse RAs and Resident Director (RD) Matt Landau into the scene.

Due to the pending incident reports, the resident staff was not permitted to make statements re- garding this incident.

“For a while we weren’t sure what was going on,” sophomore nursing major Joey Samanich said. “There was a gathering of

people. Then we saw some RAs and security guards, and I was sure that more was going on. Se- curity, RAs, and police got things under control.”

It was found that one of the arguing parties had punched out the back window of one of the cars in the parking lot. The man stood leaning against a neigh- boring car, holding his hand evi- dently dripping and covered with blood.

The man that was leaning against the car with the mangled

fist was revealed to be a guest that had punched out the back window of the car. Police were called due to the destruction of property.

Another fight broke out short- ly after, outside of Townhouse 14.

Originally between a larger group and one individual, a fist-

fight ensued between two men in the parking lot, at which point the police had not yet arrived.

Andrew Elliot, the Security Coordinator, stepped in to break up the fight. One of the two men in the fight continued and punched Elliot, sources say.

Police then arrived following a second police call.

Both the guest that smashed the car window and the man who punched Elliot, also revealed to have been a guest, spoke with police.

The police cuffed both men and they were brought back to the police station.

Several of the RAs on duty, as well as RD Matt Landau, went back to the station to supply the police with statements.

“Security kept going back to this one car and we weren’t sure if there was vandalism,” sopho- more nursing major Evelyn Mc- Givney said. “After we saw se- curity guards taking pictures and RAs also reviewing the car, we knew something must have hap- pened.”

The following day, security increased at the gate, requiring guests to present two forms of identification in order to enter. They even made cars back up to let others out.

“I didn’t witness the incident, but I’m sure that the houses will return to their usual harmless weekend fun,” junior psychology major Nadya Hall said.