New Pace OneCards To Be Introduced

New Pace OneCards To Be Introduced

Taylor Longenberger, News Editor

Pace has teamed up with Higher One® in order to create a more efficient Pace OneCard for students, beginning Jan. 27, according to Auxiliary Services.

The new OneCard will have two magnetic strips on the back of it, one to be used for on-campus purchases and the other to be used for off-campus needs. Pace assures students that directions will be provided to limit confusion as how to use the new card.

Students are cautioned not to throw this new card away as it is a valuable device that will serve as the Student ID and Pace OneCard and provide easier access to electronic refund options. Some of these options include a same day deposit to the account connected to the card, transfer to a checking account, or a paper check that is sent through the mail.

Auxillary Services has provided great detail in making sure that all students are comfortable with the shift from the old cards to the new ones.

“If you already have a username and login to Higher One, please login where you will be prompted to activate your new card for both on- and off-campus use,” according to Auxiliary Services. “If you’re not sure that Pace University has your current mailing address, please take a moment to visit Pace Portal to update your address information today. Your new Pace OneCard will be mailed to your current address on file with Pace University. Therefore, it is critical that you verify your mailing address as soon as possible.”

For students with questions or concerns regarding their accounts or their Pace OneCard please contact Pace University’s Auxiliary Services.