Townhouse Day Guest Policy Changes, Event Expected To Run As Usual

Townhouse Day Guest Policy Changes, Event Expected To Run As Usual

Cecilia Levine, Managing Editor

The Townhouse Day policy no longer permits non-Pace students to attend the annual event as per an email that Area Director for Student Conduct Matt Landau sent to Townhouse residents last Wed. April 9. 

Each resident is still permitted to sign up two Pace alumni, who will be verified through the alumni office. The policy change is due to incidents regarding non-Pace students that were visiting the Townhouses this year, and Pace faculty and staff hope that the new policy will help to protect the safety of the participating students and alumni.

Student organization treasurers approved $6,391.56 for Residence Hall Association (RHA) month and Townhouse Day at the Budget Management System meeting delegated by Vice President of Finance Sungi Clark on Fri. Feb, 7. The money comes from the $101 student activities fee that students pay as part of their semester finances and so, all Pace students are invited and encouraged to participate in the event. 

According to Debbie Levesque, Assistant Dean for Community Standards, Townhouse Day has been an annual event for over 20 years, but originated as an event only for the townhouse residents, all of whom were of legal drinking age at the time. The event has come to incorporate more students and the legal drinking age has changed. Now, Townhouse Day serves as an important constituent of Pace traditions.

Although Townhouse Day has become one of the most highly anticipated events for students on Pace’s Pleasantville campus, its antics have accumulated multiple accounts of property damage, alcohol related injuries and write ups. Still, faculty and staff are reluctant to give up the annual tradition and instead seek to make the day as safe as possible.

“Security is stationed at various points around campus and is on high-alert throughout the day,” Executive Director of Safety and Security Vincent Beatty said.

Additionally, Townhouse Resident Assistants and Resident Directors from all of Pace’s dormitories will be working in shifts to monitor student behavior. In the past, activities such as inflatable slides, a foam pit, photo booth, jousting pit, and food were provided for students to enjoy.

“We are not encouraging or promoting the use of alcohol. Is it happening? Yes, and anyone who says otherwise is stretching the truth,” Associate Director of Student Development and Campus Activities Shawn Livingston said. “[SDCA] provides food and activities to bolster the environment. We are not providing activities to subsidize behavior with alcohol.”

Townhouse Day will be held on Sat. May 3 and the University will provide safety to those who choose to partake in the festivities.


On April 15, Area Director for Student Conduct Matt Landau retracted the former policy via e-mail, allowing each townhouse resident to sign up one non Pace student.