SGA Update

Taylor Longenberger, News Editor

Student Government Association (SGA) met in Lienhard Lecture Hall Fri. May 2.

Francoise Crespo, Director of University Transportation presented a draft of a potential bus schedule for the 2014-2015 school year, which will have buses running to and from each campus and stopping in Memorial Plaza every fifteen minutes Monday through Friday and every half hour on the weekends. Students and faculty with questions or comments regarding the proposed schedule should contact Crespo.

Information Technology Services (ITS) addressed senate, reminding students, faculty, staff, and alumni that Pace email is in the process of switching over from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. Those with a Pace email should have received an email notifying of the switch and showing step-by-step instructions to take follow order to complete the process. Questions or comments regarding the email switch should be directed to ITS.

SGA Executive Board (E-Board) presented goals for the coming school year and suggested new ideas in order to improve student-faculty communication and involvement on campus. Communication with SGA and SDCA over the summer is important to continue the flow of progress.

SGA President John Wrench proposed a “Majors Week” with an academic showcase exhibiting progress that would aid underclassman and transfer students in planning for their future at Pace and beyond.

The SGA E-board will review the By-Laws and Constitution over the summer and potential changes will be presented to senate upon return in the fall.