Exhibiting Gear with NALFO in Exhibition 101


Pace students gathered on Miller Lawn Thursday night for the National Association of Latino and Fraternal Organizations’ (NALFO) presentation of Exhibition 101.

“Exhibition 101 shows what our appearance throughout the process means to us and allows prospective members an expectation and knowledge of what it will be like to be a part of our organizations,” Omega Phi Beta President Iqra Mir said. “[By] dressing up, we are showing our choice and pride in going through the process in order to become the best person that we can from it.”

Each organization presented a “line,” or pledge class, dressed in gear that followed their own specific set of morals and cultural values. The members of the organizations emphasized the reasons they dress in uniform during the process as a sign of commitment and discipline.

“It is not always fun and games,” Mir said. “You are joining an organization because you are dedicated and committed to the message and that is something that does not change whether you are going through the process or whether you are an active member.”

Greek organizations belonging to the NALFO Council, consisting of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Incorporated (SLU), Lambda Upsilon Lambda (LUL), and OPB, allowed students the opportunity to view and understand why “gear,” or costuming, is worn during their recruitment process.

Photographs of the gear were prohibited during the event and description of the attire has been respectfully excluded. However, the organizations emphasized the uniformity and what their gear means to them.

“Our roots and the plight of our people is what makes our organization so important to me. The philanthropy [Providing Access To Higher Education Initiative] clicked with the morals, characteristics, and qualities that I feel very strongly about and have shown me what I want to be in the world,” LUL member Jaiden Johnson said. “These men are the only men that I have ever been able to get close with; they are my family and my support.”

All of the organizations have a specific motto that coincides with their own morals and allows for a common understanding of how they are choosing to live together. Whether their motto is “Sirviendo y Educando A Traves de Nuestra Diversidad” (Serving and educating through our diversity), La Undida Para Sempre (Unity Forever), or Hasta La Muerte (Until Death) each organization is very passionate about their reason for membership and all that they have been able to accomplish.

“I am very passionate about my organization because it exposed me to a group of individuals that pushed me to be who I am,” NALFO president and SLU sister Alyssa Jimenez said. “These are the women who had similar goals as myself and inspired me to make a difference, encouraged me and connected me to roles of leadership on and off campus.”