SGA Update Oct. 10


Student Government Association (SGA) met in Miller Lecture Hall Fri. Oct. 10.

SGA committees (Elections, Programming, Budget Allocation Committee, Judicial Board, Constitution Committee, Unity Committee, Administrative Outreach, and Academic Affairs) have set times and dates for meetings, and will begin action planning in the coming week.

Lisa Miles, Title IX Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer, presented to Senate regarding the awareness of sexual assault on campus and the ways in which students can report an assault. A Sexual Assault Committee has been formed and is in search of student voices to be a part of the sexual assault and consent discussions.

A New York Times representative provided Senate with a proposal for student assistance in the budget required in order to renew the subscription for digital and print copies of their paper. Senate will vote next week on a decision whether or not SGA will provide funding for the Times.

John Wrench, SGA President, announced that there will be a Town Hall Meeting on Oct. 16 in the Goldstein VIP Room at 3:25 p.m.

SGA executive board presented on the initiatives and ideas that they learned at the ASGA Conference in Washington D.C. the weekend of October 5.

Students with comments or questions can find the SGA office located near the Higher One office in Kessel Student Center and can also attend the SGA meeting this Fri. Oct. 17.