SGA Update November 7



Student Government Association (SGA) met in Miller Lecture Hall Fri., Nov. 7.

Matthew Landau represented the Office of Residential Life and presented in Senate in order to create awareness of the Resident Assistant (RA) applications that will be going live next week. Mandatory information sessions for those applying for an RA position will be held starting Nov. 17. Any student with questions or concerns regarding the application process should contact Landau.

John Wrench, SGA President, presented that the trial for 24-hour Library access will be happening for three weeks in December. The effectiveness of the trial will determine if 24-hour library access will continue.

A Dining Services Working Group has been formed in order to discuss the quality and cost of food on campus in addition to the hours that the dining halls are open. The progress of this group will be discussed in Senate in the weeks to come.

Tunnel of Oppression is still in need of volunteers for tour guides, actors, and others that would be willing to help with the general development of the event. The Tunnel of Oppression Committee will be tabling in Kessel Student Center this week in order to receive feedback from students regarding ways that they have been oppressed.

Jim Curry from the Office of Student Assistance (OSA), Information Technology Services (ITS), and the Office of Administration on behalf of the Master Plan Site Team will present during Senate next Friday.

Students with comments or questions can find the SGA Office located near the Higher One office in Kessel Student Center and can also attend the SGA meeting this Fri Nov. 14.