Pace University Counseling Center Offers New Group Discussions



Based on growing concern on college campuses for sexual assault and sexual harassment, the Pace Counseling Center has established two new discussion groups to help those who have experienced trouble.

A “Creating Safety” discussion group has been formed by the counseling center in order to provide an outlet for students who have been victims of sexual assault.

“We hope that this group will provide an opportunity to discuss and process associated difficulties, which may include trust and intimacy issues, self-blame, shame and guilt, anxiety, depression, nightmares, flashbacks and/or other concerns,” representatives from the Counseling Center said.

In addition to those who have experienced sexual assault, the Counseling Center hopes to provide an outlet for those experiencing trouble with abusive relationships. A similarly organized group has been created for abusive relationships, an “Interpersonal Process Group.”

Members of the counseling center and the school chaplain, Sister Susan Becker, are the only confidential personnel on the Pace Pleasantville campus. Students can address these individuals regarding a sexual assault, harassment, or abusive relationship without their information being reported.

As concern and efforts to create awareness of sexual assault have grown, the Counseling Center is the only campus facility to offer more than just a preventative measure.

A sexual assault committee led by Interim Director of Compliance Debbie Levesque is in the process of creating a consent policy proposal that will be released when finalized.

Any student that is interested in joining either discussion group should contact the Counseling Center by visiting or calling (914) 773-3710.