SGA Update Dec. 5



Student Government Association (SGA) met in Miller Lecture Hall Fri., Dec. 5.

A representative from the Office of Student Administration presented in Senate regarding modular deliveries that can be expected during the mornings of the coming weeks. They assured senate that there should be no major impact on the campus.

Once Choate parking lot is completed with guardrails, the lot will be open with forty new spots. A new stairwell from Choate will lead to a new pedestrian pathway toward Leinhard Hall. Construction hauling behind Leinhard Hall for the athletic field is complete at this point

Pace Dining services has hired an independent consultant to help design a dining service to accommodate everyone on campus. The consultant is interested in hearing student perspectives regarding the current dining services available in order to know what is working well and what is not.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) presented in senate regarding the office’s focus this year: teacher and student responsibility dynamics.

The office is looking for interactive workshops and presentations to be a part of the program. Students have been asked to work with professors or to come together as a panel and submit proposals for the event that will be held on Fri., Feb. 27 at the Graduate Center on the White Plains campus.

Tunnel of Oppression is still in need of volunteers for tour guides, actors, and others that willing to help with the general development of the event. The Tunnel of Oppression Committee is interested in receiving feedback from students regarding ways that they have been oppressed.

Students with comments or questions can find the SGA Office located near the Higher One office in Kessel Student Center and can also attend the SGA meetings when they resume during the spring semester.