Depleted Flex Funds To Be Restored

Andreas Christou, Senior Copy Editor

During the Gas Leak that affected the Pleasantville campus, Auxiliary Services had arranged for flex dining establishments to accept dining dollars instead of flex dollars, as a courtesy to students who had been misplaced.

 This applied to flex transactions from Wed. Feb. 18 through Fri. Feb. 20, and Auxiliary Services reprogrammed their flex readers to accept dining funds during this period.

 Following the gas leak, multiple Pace students reported that their flex account balances had been either significantly or completely depleted, and they did not believe that their flex transactions were treated as on-campus dining transactions.

 In a statement on Tues. Mar. 3, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services Mary P. Lieto said:

 “We now realize that the readers were looking at the flex funds first before searching for dining funds; we now know that we should have changed the order of the search so dining funds would be swiped first. We ran reports to see the total of flex funds spent and found 733 transactions between Wednesday February 18, 2015 and Friday February 20, 2015. We will replace those flex funds from the dining funds for each of those students who used the off campus merchants in the Pleasantville area during that period.”

 According to Lieto, students’ flex funds should have been restored as of the close of business, Tues. Mar. 3. Students can check their balances at any campus dining location, or by contacting Auxiliary Services at [email protected].