Security Guard Seen Dismissing Alleged Victim On Video


A Pace security guard walks away from an alleged assault victim.

To protect our sources, the Chronicle has released just the audio from the video, with distorted voices.

A video of a security guard walking away from an alleged victim and a friend who desire to report an assault on campus reached the Chronicle from an anonymous source.

The video depicts the assault’s victim and a friend speaking with a security officer in Alumni Hall’s lobby. The victim is recording, but the security guard is clearly seen.

The security officer is seen admittedly walking away, saying he would file an incident report, and that Director of Safety and Security Vincent Beatty would call the victim and victim’s friend the following Monday.

They said to the officer they do not want their names on the report to prevent the alleged abuser from knowing they talked to security and retaliating. The officer asked why they are there and the friend replied “for help.”

“That’s the point of security, to make the students feel safe,” the friend said.

The officer then said he would ignore the friend because his focus is the victim. He is then accused by the friend for not doing his job. He sighs and walks away from them.

“The [officer] did not follow procedures,” said Beatty, after watching the video. “Anything that happens [on campus] has to be reported and filed through my staff.”

Beatty said he was unable to find a filed report from the date of the incident.

Beatty recommended that a name be attached to a report, exclusively for use of his immediate staff or Residential Life.

“The procedure is to file a report regardless,” Beatty said. “Then one of the Pace University Coordinators should have been contacted. When there is a situation that deals with an assault, it is not uncommon for the victim to leave their name out.”

Regarding the guard, Beatty said that the course of action may lead anywhere from suspension to removal of his post.