Security Guard “No Longer Works At Pace”


A Pace security guard walks away from an alleged assault victim.

JAMES MIRANDA, Sports Editor

The security guard who was captured on video on Oct. 2 walking away from two students asking for help is no longer working at Pace University, according to Director of Safety and Security Vincent Beatty.

“The security guard was interviewed and he admitted to taking information and not filing a report,” Beatty said. “His statement was that he was frustrated by the [two individuals] and as they were leaving, their final comment to him was that they didn’t want the report filed because they didn’t want the victim’s name used on the report.”

The guard is no longer with Pace, Beatty confirmed after talks with Winfield Security, the company Pace hired the guard from. Beatty didn’t confirm if there was an investigation, but said everything is said and done at this point.

Winfield security was contacted but did not respond. It is unclear if the security guard is working with Winfield still or stationed at another school.

The Chronicle obtained the video through an anonymous source.

The video depicts two people—the alleged victim and a friend—talking to the guard in the lobby of Alumni Hall.

The guard walks away from the two because, the guard said, one was being argumentative and they collectively did not want their names or the name of the alleged abuser attached to the incident report.

The guard also said he would be filing an incident report but did not, according to Beatty. Also, the guard said Beatty would contact the two the following Monday.

Beatty said initially the guard did not follow procedure.

“When there’s any type of incident, he should have filed a report and if he thought there was an issue with filing a report he should have called one of the security coordinators and clarified with him as to what next steps to make,” Beatty said.