Pace Holds Annual President and Provost Welcome Reception


Courtesy of Pixabay

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

Pace University held its annual President and Provost welcome reception on Thursday in the Kessel Student Center to welcome back faculty and students to the school year.

The University holds this event every year in order to maintain a strong relationship between the students and faculty with the administration.

“This is an opportunity for students and faculty who have any concerns or good things to say to meet with the upper administration,” said Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Uday Sukhatme.” It is a way to interact in a very informal way.”

The first to speak was Pace President Stephen J. Friedman , his message throughout his speech was aimed at the students, as he offered them some advice for this school year.

“A new school year brings a fresh start,” Friedman said.” It offers students an opportunity to change.”

President Friedman ended his  speech by urging students to mix with other students from different backgrounds so they could get an understanding of different perspectives.

“Take advantage of the diversity of our student body and faculty,” Friedman said.” Everybody comes from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and learn to see the world from their eyes.”

The Provost followed the President, he spoke about how  necessary it is for students to feel they are welcomed here at Pace and that communication is very vital.

“We want to make sure all the students get all the help they need in order to be successful,” Sukhatme said. “Especially in year one when they are not at home, it is our responsibility that all the students are adjusted and achieving at a maximum capacity. ”

Finally, the last to speak was the Student Government Association President Mitch Ferrell. Unlike the previous two speakers who tried to offer advice to the students, Ferrell instead issued a challenge to his fellow Pace classmates.

“This year I want students to change their motivations and I want them to give back,” Farrell said.” Don’t just ace your classes to get a good job and have personal gain, but do a good job so you’re in the position to help others.”

Farrell also issued the same challenge when it comes to students and their social lives. Urging students to form relationships with fellow classmates that will matter.

“Don’t try to use others to climb the social ladder,” Farrell said.” If you form meaningful and lasting relationships with others at the university I bet you one hundred percent that your peers will boost you higher than you will climb by yourself.”

Student reactions to this event have been very positive, with one student saying he now feels very connected to the university.

“Meeting the President was great I’m a sophomore and I never actually knew the President’s name,” said Pace student Eric Alonzo.” I now feel like I can just walk up there and shake the President’s hand.”