Pace Hosts Conversation Partners


Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

Pace University held its Conversation Partners with students from Toyo University in Japan on Mar. 2 in Kessel.

Pace welcomes Japanese students into the university for two weeks so they can become more familiar with American culture every year.

“This is the first time they really get to use the English that they have learned,” Associate Director of the English Language Institute at Pace Jason Tannenbaum said. “I think this gives them a chance to really spread their wings.”

Students from Toyo are mixed in with Pace students so they could ask questions about each other.

For Toyo student Toshi Munnuabe, this is an opportunity to learn different perspectives from American students. Munnuabe is interested in technology and he wanted to know what’s the most popular among Pace students.

“I wanted to ask questions like what is the most useful type of technology is your life?” Munnuabe said. “I also want to know if people preferred the iPhone or the Android. I love technology and I was always interested in other people’s opinions. ”

Pace students also learned the different customs from Japanese students. Pace junior Andre Infante was one of those students.

“In general I have always liked Japanese culture, but if I had to pick something, in particular, it would be their music,” Infante said. “I wanted to learn their different perspectives and I would love to go to Japan. There is always a beauty in learning a different culture.”

Tannenbaum appreciates how this sit down gives a different approach for the Japanese students.

“Japan has very strict social rules,” Tannenbaum said. “So I think they enjoy the freedom that comes along with being in the states.”

This has been the fifth year Pace has hosted these students and Tannebaum is always pleased with the relations that occur between the different students.

“Sometimes the students are surprised that they have the same things in common,” Tannenbaum said. “They also learn that Japanese kids aren’t little robots, but that they are individuals with an array of personalities  and characteristics, so they break down those stereotypes.”