Olivia Wint Wins Election, Becomes News SGA President


Olivia Wint

Sean Browne, Editor in Chief

On April 4 Olivia Wint woke up at 9:50 a.m. to check the poll results on her computer. However, Wint isn’t a morning person, so instead of checking the results she changed her mind and went back to sleep.

An hour later her phone blew up with text messages, and she suddenly knew what happened. Wint was just elected President of the Student Government Association.

“It was kind of a surreal moment, I couldn’t believe that it happened,” Wint said. “I’m just so happy that it happened, I am very blessed.”

When the results of the election were posted last Wednesday, Wint narrowly defeated Lisdy Contreras-Giron by a count of 225 votes to 215 votes.

“This is experience was very humbling for me, it was really quite an honor,” Wint said. “So, the fact that I won really made me appreciate my class for believing me to lead them in the right direction.”

The Queens natives reasoning for running for president was because she has heard all of the same old complaints about Pace from her friends, and she wanted to make a change.

“I have a lot of friends on campus, and I always talk to them about what they need or what they are missing out on,” Wint said. “But nobody really does anything about it, so I feel like I can be that vessel to actually make a change.

Wint believes that her role serving on multiple campus organizations such as Black Student Union (BSU), Students of Caribbean Awareness (SOCA), and Pace Original Style Etiquette (POSE) have given her insight on how to be an effective communicator.

“The clubs are something that I really enjoy because I was able to see the other side of people that I don’t see in the classroom,” Wint said. “School is really stressful, so to be a part of clubs and build these relationships is really meaningful.”

Being an Applied Psychology and Human Relations Major, in Wint’s studies she has learned how to communicate with others and offer them guidance and help.

Wint’s communication skills haven’t gone unnoticed. Shawn Livingston, Senior Associate Director for Student Development at Pace has seen it firsthand.

“I have known of Olivia as a student leader and have interacted with her on and off for the past two years in her student organization leadership roles,” Livingston said. “I can say I have observed her working well in prior teams and she is an effective communicator.

Although Wint won’t begin her new role until this Fall, she wants to become acclimated into the Pace community and hear its problems.

“I have been talking to a lot of students already because one thing I don’t want to do is promise something and not come through with that,” Wint said. “I haven’t been promising anything but I have been listening to ideas so later I can take those ideas where they need to be taken.”