Pace Security Launches Pace Safe App


Adiba Sikder

An inside look on the updated settings on the app.

Adiba Sikder, Editor-in-Chief

As soon as someone enters Pace, the first person that they are greeted by is someone from Pace security placed at the security booth.

Pace security is one of the biggest resources for students that live on campus due to the wide range of helpful tasks they provide for students and is expected to launch a new application called the “Pace Safe App”.

This application is expected to launch on September 1st and will make it easier for students to be able to access all the emergency numbers including the numbers for security for all campuses and an extension to 911.

The application also features “Friend Walk,” an extension where a student can send their location to a friend of their choosing, so that they can watch as you walk to your destination and call Pace security or 911 in case of an emergency.

It also makes it easier for students to report an incident on campus, along with providing a system to submit the incident forms online.

“I tried out the application as soon as I got to campus out of curiosity, I think it’s helpful,” said Martinique Hyman, a senior at Pace. “I’m always forgetting the number for Pace security.” 

Pace security continuously works to make students’ access to help simpler using social media to provide helpful tips and email notifications for general updates and incidents on both the Pleasantville and New York City campuses. 

Some of the common reasons students call security are if they are locked out of a classroom and need the door opened and to report official incidents. However, they can help with much more than that.

They can also jumpstart your car if the battery needs it, assist you if you feel unsafe to walk at night, and provide directions if you feel lost on campus.

“Pace security helped me jumpstart my car at least three times last year, in the worst weather and during obscure times of the night,” said Stephanie Simoes, senior at Pace.

In the past couple years, students have started to develop more trust in Pace security because of how often they see certain security guards.

“My favorite person at the security booth is Andy. He always manages to make me smile even on the worst days,” said Simoes.

Although people have complained about Pace security in the past, they continue to make changes and implement updates every year in order to serve the Pace community.