New Veteran’s Center on Pleasantville Campus

Alexis Nieman, Media Editor

There are some changes coming to the Kessel Student Center this school year. Specifically, the Pace Pleasantville Bookstore. Starting this Fall, the bookstore will be transforming part of their space into a Veteran’s Center, to help serve Veterans that are a part of the Pace community. There will be space for veterans to meet and converse, space for the administration of the Veteran’s Center, and a lounge area. 

Mary Lieto, the Executive Director of Auxilary Services, says that Pace has been actively pursuing space in both the New York City campus and the Westchester campus for the new Veteran’s Center.

“After a study of available space completed by facilities, we reached out to Barnes & Noble to see if there is a way to make their space more efficient and reposition it to continue to serve the Pleasantville campus into the future,” Lieto said. “As a result of their cooperation and working with an outside architectural firm, a reconfiguration of the Barnes & Noble space was able to be achieved and that reconfiguration allows for the creation of a new Veteran’s Center on campus in the Kessel Student Center.”

Although the layout of the bookstore will be changing, Lieto assures that both Pace and Barnes & Noble are committed to making sure that buying and returning textbooks, and buying gear and school supplies, remains at the same level of ease it has always been.

“Pace will be working with Barnes & Noble to make sure that they are positioned to serve the needs of the campus now and in the future, as the technologies dictate changes,” Lieto said. “Pace gear will remain available in the bookstore, as well as the many other items students and staff need throughout the course of the day.”

According to, Pace University was voted among the top 50 “Best for Vets College” in 2017. Pace also offers “customized veteran career counseling,” financial support and scholarships for Veterans, and a Veteran Services Team. Although there is no official number of Veteran’s who attend Pace University in Pleasantville, Lieto says full utilization of the new Center is expected. 

“Pace University is committed to serving the needs of all students and staff. It is expected that the Pace community will find the new Veteran’s Center a worthy addition to the campus and will support the good things that will be done there,” Lieto said. “Based upon current counts of Veteran’s on-campus we expect the space will be fully utilized.”

Helping and assisting students on campus is the first priority when it comes to deciding how to use or change space. In the future, Pace executives are always looking to improve or change things on campus. 

“Space is a premium here on campus. We are all constantly evaluating how we can better utilize space and improve the learning environment and overall campus experience for students and staff,” Lieto said. “This is a part of that continuous evaluation that we make throughout the year to see how we can do things better. If these changes make it better for students, then it is a good thing.”