New Restaurant in P’ville Employs Pace Students

Dolphin South Trattoria opened three weeks ago and is a place of employment for many Pace students.

Riley Sosnowski & Caitlyn Cashman

Dolphin South Trattoria opened three weeks ago and is a place of employment for many Pace students.

Caitlyn Cashman and Riley Sosnowski

Pleasantville’s restaurant scene is home to many Pace students looking for part-time work. The location surrounding Dolphin Trattoria is also home to many privately owned businesses, mostly food and shopping concentrated.

The newest addition to the area is Dolphin South Trattoria which opened up the last week of September. Dolphin South offers a variety of Italian style courses ranging from pasta entrees, salads, seafood, and dessert. This restaurant is known for its freshly homemade pasta dishes.

Its twin counterpart is the Blue Dolphin in Katonah. The restaurants are affiliated with several other big-name Italian style restaurants throughout Westchester. Even though Italian food is very common in this county of New York, the Trattoria and its affiliates take the flavor and authenticity to exceptional lengths.

According to full-time Pace student and employee Caitlin Wallace, the desserts that Dolphin South Trattoria serves are homemade provided that authentic and unbeatable taste. Wallace recognizes the oyster appetizer and chicken parmesan entree as menu favorites.

The restaurant is adjusting well to its new environment as it’s “fully staffed and always busy,” Wallace.

The decor is very modern and sleek inside the restaurant. It has a bar with marble counters and little tables perfect for any occasion. Dolphin South Trattoria catches your eye as you drive down Wheeler Avenue, with a big blue sign out front and an outline of a dolphin finished on the glass. It has caught attention to many according to Wallace. Already a hit, it is following the greatness of the original restaurant in Katonah.

For only being open a few weeks, Dolphin South Trattoria is arguably the next up and coming thing in Pleasantville. The location is optimal and right across the street from the Pleasantville train station. It is perfect for Pace students to work at, not too far from campus and a great place to make connections.