Krislov marks success and looks to one strong future for Pace



President Krislov will host a virtual Zoom Meeting on April 2.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

President Marvin Krislov addressed students, staff and faculty amongst the three different campuses in his second annual state of the university address on Feb. 3rd.

During his first address, a year ago, he emphasized the importance of improving finances, academic programs and working on student success by implementing a “One Strong Pace” success plan.

Krislov was satisfied with the results of the success plan, by revealing that Pace is in its second year of having a stable budget. Furthermore, the university is rethinking their various academic programs by creating additional plans, as well as restructuring the current programs to fit the needs of the workforce and of the students. In addition, the graduation rate has over the past year and the university passed their middle states accreditation with the most successful result Pace has seen in decades.

Likewise, Pace was ranked highly in various different categories in the recent U.S. News College rankings. Pace’s White Plains campus was ranked to have the best environmental law program in the country. Moreover, four of Pace’s online programs ranked in the top 40 in the country.

Meanwhile, The university is continuing to make adjustments to help cater academic resources to meet the needs and demands for the diverse group of students. Pace is continuing to look towards building their online programs, by proceeding to add four to six online programs each year. This process will be part of a new strategic branding called ipace, which will be fully integrating online undergraduate education into the Pace curriculum.

In addition, the 6th semester president, addressed the current trends around college programs in the region. He stated that the undergraduate enrollment of ages 18-22 would likely remain consistent, but the numbers for adults returning to school and admission into graduate programs are increasing. With this current trend, Pace is planning on building their masters and graduate programs, along with continuing to add online classes that are available for students to take on their own schedule.

Specifically on the Pleasantville campus, the plans are to utilize the resources in the surrounding areas to help build opportunities for students. One of those areas is in the biotech field as the university is creating connections with local companies that are ready to hire Pace students for jobs, as well as internships.

Furthermore, the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and and the College of Health Professions have seen an increase in undergraduate enrollment. The plan is to continue to build upon that by introducing more interdisciplinary and graduate programs in these areas.

Pace is continuing to develop their future by staying committed to the multi-campus structure as well as, following through with the mission statement of “opportunities.”

The university is currently searching for the first ever associate dean for advising to continue to work on supporting students to help increase student success.

Moreover, the president announced he will be issuing a presidential task force on mental health.

“To help us identify University-wide strategies for confronting what is becoming a national crisis and giving our students the support they need to succeed,” stated the President.

Later this year the University is also planning on releasing a new branding effort which will serve to better tell the stories and messages of Pace.

During the course of the semester, President Krislov will be hosting town hall on all three campuses and is continuing to search for ways to improve the state of the university to benefit the success of students, faculty and staff members.

“We will always remain dedicated to being the best place in the country for a world-class, hands-on, skills-based education grounded in the liberal arts. We are committed to the Pace Path. That means we are working to improve the experience for our students, faculty, and staff. We are working to better support our students to succeed in their academics. And we are working to create more opportunities for everyone in the Pace Community,” addressed Krislov.