Pace students demand more availability for Mr. Bing


Ibrahim Aksoy

Pace University Pleasantville students demand more availability for Mr. Bing, a New York City-based traditional Chinese food chain. Mr. Bing visits Pace Pleasantville campus every Monday. However, availability is limited to only one day and students want to see it more often on the campus.

Mr. Bing menus are popular among students and they would love to taste the foods more often. As of now, Mr. Bing visits the campus once a week.

“I would not mind if it comes here every day, I like the food,” comments Abdul Lawal.

For residents, Mr. Bing’s visits to the campus is an opportunity to try traditional Chinese foods that may not be easy to find in Pleasantville. Far from the city, Mr. Bing brings that service to Pace Pleasantville residents and students who live in Westchester County.

Those who have eaten Mr. Bing’s foods would be happy to stop by again and have their food ordered from Mr. Bing when it sets up its tables in the Pleasantville campus on Monday.

“Station is better, I like the food,” Nia Lauryn tells her preference.

Having a different taste in the food court is a preference over everyday cafeteria menus. Students who have tasted Mr. Bing foods have positive opinions of Mr. Bing. Ingredients are rich in protein and vitamins as Mr. Bing offers healthy vegetables and meats.

The catering service provides vegetarian food as well, though meat is included in most foods. Mr. Bing offers spinach and tofu as both bings and rice bowls. Traditional vegetarian wrap is offered as bings, which is one of the favorite choices of students.

Mr. Bing has another advantage over the cafeteria: its different options. It may not be possible to find Mr. Bing’s traditional Chinese foods in the food court. Rice bowls and bings have popularity among students.

“It’s always different, cafeteria foods taste similar,” Lauryn adds when asked why she prefers Mr. Bing.

Pricing is another reason why Mr. Bing attracts students. An average Mr. Bing meal costs $8.2. Considering foods being fulfilling, the price is another factor why the demand for Mr. Bing is high.

“It’s a great price for a decent menu,” Cole comments about his last visit to Mr. Bing when he ate rice bowl with chicken.

Although Mr. Bing offers different menus, it is not the most-visited stop in the Kessel Student Center. Less availability is a handicap for Mr. Bing since “while supplies last” policy limits visits. It is also good to have different tastes, but its options are limited.

“There should be more options,” Brianna Cisneros told about Mr. Bing, though she liked the food.

Mr. Bing offers 23 different foods with selective combo options. Top-selling foods are general Tso’s chicken, offered as bings and rice bowls, and a variety of rice bowls options. Students can also add more egg and extra kimchi for one dollar.