The first Pace NYC Multimedia and Internship Fair


Ibrahim Aksoy

The Multimedia and Internship Fair that took place in the NYC campus attracted media majors from both campuses.

Ibrahim Aksoy, Contributing Writer

Pace University held its first multimedia fair on February 20 at the New York City campus and it aimed at providing possible job and internship opportunities for students in media, public relations, and marketing.

A total of 20 companies were present in the multimedia fair, providing students an opportunity to explore jobs and internships in their field of study. Being a specific fair for Dyson students, these industry specific companies increase Dyson students’ chance to have a job or an internship in the summer or fall semester.

“Our goal is to find interns that could fit for our organization,” the Development Manager at Educational Video Center, Sarah Nylund said. “Since we have worked with studios and TV and taught about films, it is great to connect with a university that has a big media and film presents.”

As the competition grows, finding a job that is related to an individual’s major has become more challenging. With such a market, students were happy to meet with prestigious companies in a career fair specifically designed and sponsored by their university. It is helpful to have a department that arranges a specific meeting between distinguished companies and Pace students.

“The companies that are here can provide them with opportunities that are directly to them,”Assistant Director of Employer Development, John Marimuthu said.  “If they were to submit a resume to the company blindly, it would have been difficult for the company to really say, ‘hey they are from Pace University and I met them on campus.’ Something like this brings the company and brings the student together.”

Though the fair was solely focused on opportunities in the media industry, students from different majors also attended the event. 12 companies were looking for marketing students, considering them as an essential part of the industry, along with public relations and advertising majors.

“At the multimedia fair I know it is a very business focused and being a business analytics major  it has a lot to do with data and analytics as well as media buying and planning so that’s kind of what I am looking for,” junior business major, Angie Siguenza said.

Despite the fact that the event was held in New York City campus, some Pleasantville students visited the fair. However, Pleasantville students in media and communications majors are eager to attend similar events if they are to be held in Pleasantville campus.

Nicole Cancel, junior public relations major at Pleasantville was in attendance.

“Today I am specifically looking at Essence, Univision, and Omnicom and I am looking for some type of internship in the media field,” Cancel said.

While the event was helpful for students to network and meet with companies in the media industry, career services department encourages students to keep their connections active with the office for next steps in their career planning.

“What’s next? Come to career services,” Executive Director of Career Services, Phyllis Mooley said. “Any other advice that they need in following up with their applications for any of these opportunities that are here today.”