Pace considering early start to the semester


Katie Walsh

Pace may be turning on the lights for campus start earlier than expected.

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

The dynamic of the fall semester still remains in question, but the university is planning for various scenarios. 

In a recent email sent from the President and the Provost’s office, they mentioned a possible change in the fall semester dates. 

The email stated “we may start the semester earlier than planned.” 

Pace did not expand on this comment with any further details. 

Previously, Pace revealed the possibility of delaying the start of the semester, but now there is an option for an early start as well. 

Colleges around the country have adapted to this idea. Many are looking at this option, in hopes of, the semester finishing prior to holiday breaks and a second wave of COVID-19. 

Notre Dame announced last week that they would be eliminating their fall break to finish the semester prior to Thanksgiving. 

A more local college, Quinnipiac University,  located in Conn. just released their plans of starting the semester on August 24th and finishing the in-person aspect on November 24th. 

The release incorporates an option for an early drop off of belongings at the beginning of August with students returning to the dorms on August 24th. However, the university will undergo a slow transition to in-person classes and will begin the first week or two remote. On Sept. 7th, the plan is to have all instruction back in the classrooms. 

    Students would leave campus on November 24th and will not return for the remainder of the fall semester. All finals, fall classes and other instruction will be done remotely after Thanksgiving break. 

 In addition, students will be COVID-19 tested upon campus arrival. 

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, released a timeline for college openings during his press conference on May 21st. 

During the first week of June, Cuomo will be releasing guidelines for fall reopenings. Colleges must have a plan submitted for a fall return to the state in July for approval. 

Pace intends to start the fall semester in-person. Currently, the scheduled first day of classes is planned for Wednesday Sept. 9th. However, COVID-19 may impact that date.


UPDATE 5/28/2020: Iona College, located in New Rochelle N.Y., just announced plans for the fall semester with a start date of August 10th and the conclusion of the semester on Nov. 23rd.

The college’s president Seamus Carey, stated in a letter to the community that “The schedule advances the semester by three weeks to minimize travel and exposure during the fall semester.”

Students, faculty and staff will be COVID-19 tested prior to the start of classes. Antibody tests will also be available for those who seek to have one done.

Furthermore, the college will be conducting daily temperature checks before entering classes and/or the workplace.

Masks are required for the duration of all classes and in places where social distancing can not occur.

Residence halls will be reduced to a maximum of two students per room and social distancing must be done in common areas.

All Fall courses will be conducted as a hybrid and remote work will be continued for staff who can complete their tasks at home.