COVID-19 task force explains social distancing on campus in Staff/Faculty community briefing

Katie Walsh, Managing Editor

Fall Enrollment and Budget update

  • Currently, Fall enrollment is better than expected. Undergraduate deposits are down 2% and have actually increased on the Pleasantville campus.
  • Graduate students enrollment is significantly down. The main reason for this is the lack of international students.
  • There is still concern that these numbers will drop, as the summer continues. Pace admissions, faculty and staff are working on retaining these numbers.
  • Even if the enrollment numbers stay the same, President Krislov stated they expect fewer resident students. Furthermore, Pace is still experiencing lost revenue from the summer.
  • Pace is continuing to look for ways to save money and generate new revenue.

Pace’s Reopening Plans

  • Pace has started releasing their reopening plans through their webpage and various emails. These plans will continue to evolve as the COVID-19 situation changes.
  • In addition, Governor Andrew Cuomo has already issued a 14 day isolation period for travelers entering the state from high COVID-19 number locations with a recommendation to get tested. The COVID-19 task force is working towards imputing this requirement into Pace’s reopening plan.

Implementations for Health and Safety

  • Strict social distancing (remaining 6 feet apart) will take place.
  • Density reductions in offices, common spaces and classrooms.
  • Face coverings at all-times are required  in a common space/classroom/offices etc..
  • Pace will be providing cloth masks and will also have masks available at every security station.
  • Infrastructure preparedness through the building systems, signage & cleaning procedures.
  • Public Health education will be a featured Fall campaign. The hope is to utilize education before enforcement on students.
  • There will be required online training before people come to campus.
  • Signage & traffic patterns will be utilized.

Monitoring and Screening

  • Recommend everyone gets tested before entering campus. However, this is not required.
  • Students coming from out-of state & 14 day quarantine should be tested prior to campus return.
  • Daily screening questions will take place, these questions are live now on the Pace Safe app.
  • If there’s a red hand or anyone shows symptoms, they should not come to campus and contact a medical provider for further screening. 
  • Random temperature checks will take place on all 3 campuses.
  • Telehealth is available on all of Pace’s campuses. In addition, a psychmental health counselor is also available.
  • Pace has a shut-down procedure in place.


  • Pace has finished evaluation of classroom capacity on all campuses.
  • 25% capacity in classrooms
  • Some common areas will be converted into class spaces.
  • Some furniture will be removed and others will be made unavailable.

Student life

  • The university is finalizing library circulation and social distancing patterns.
  • Auditoriums will have taped seats for social distancing.
  • Gyms in dorms will not be able to operate
  • All meetings should be virtual.
  • State required 50% capacity in elevator’s, but Pace is trying to implement 25% capacity in elevators. This is more of an issue on the NYC campus.


  • Pace is talking with City Bike to increase the  amount of bikes around campus and will be adding additional bike racks.
  • Pace is also having conversations with nearby parking garages for discounted parking.
  • Shuttles will be increased between Memorial Plaza and the Pleasantville campus. They are looking into additional shuttles from NYC to PLV

Residence Halls

  • Reduced capacity in residence halls. 
  • Isolation rooms will be available.
  • Common areas will be reduced/limited or eliminated.


  • Complemented signage in three buildings on the Pleasantville campus.
  • Signage on stairs dedicated  to going up and down.


  • Increasing cleaning frequency.
  • Using CDC approved disinfectant & adding additional staff on all campuses. Disinfecting team will have a different uniform.
  • Increasing fresh air flow inside buildings and upgrading/ changing all filters in buildings. They will be using UVC technology when possible and are looking to control temperature and  humidity.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available in all locations.
  • Electrostatic cleaning  will take place for any confirmed cases and during the evening time.

Return Timetable

  • June 29th: critical operations staff and research teams.
  • July 6th: residential prep
  • August 10th: all staff and faculty with 25% capacity
  • August 14th: Start of residential move-in.
  • August 24th: semester begins.

Course delivery

  • Within the next few weeks, Pace will be classifying classes in four different ways. These will be available for view through their student schedule. Student will be informed in advance of how classes will be delivered and will have the ability to change it. The goal is to provide different modalities for students.