Women’s power needed in Lubin School of Business


This graphic showcases the differences for Lubin students gender’s on the PLV campus.

Brianne Gonzalez

Pace’s female students, attending the Lubin School of Business at the Pleasantville campus, demand for more female representation as male students continue to dominate the department throughout the years.

Since the fall of 2006, it has been recorded that more male students at the Pleasantville campus enroll in the Lubin School of Business than females. However, Pace’s student body has had more females than males since 2006 and onward.

Marylaura Perez, a sophomore business major at Pace, has seen the divide of gender since her first day. She noticed her business course had only a handful of females. She stated how the classroom serves as an example to the real world and she felt diminished because the world has more faith in a man to run a business.

“Personally the lack of female representation within my own major serves as a sign of perseverance to me,” Perez states. “It makes me want to prove that I can own and run my own business just like the next man.”

Perez believes that being educated on female-owned businesses at Pace will allow more females to join the major. She advises her fellow female business majors to always keep positive and to focus on their goals in order to prove that what is possible for men is equally as possible for women.

Similarly, Tianna Orwig, a sophomore business major, originally attended Pace’s NYC campus and believes Pace Pleasantville can be more inclusive. At Pace’s NYC campus, Orwig witnessed how there was a “Women in Business” club that allowed females to connect and discuss their experiences.

“Women can do anything men can do, and we can probably do it better,” Orwig states. “Just be confident in yourself and not be deterred from trying to go into business because it is male-dominated.”