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The Award Winning Newspaper Of Pace University


The Award Winning Newspaper Of Pace University


The Pace Womens basketball bench celebrates on the sidelines (
Fast Starts Prop up Mens and Women's Basketball
Dylan Brown, Managing Editor • November 21, 2023

Undefeated records are held for both Pace Mens Basketball and Women's Basketball. The commencement of the 2023-24 season has been great for both...

Opportunity to Voice Concerns- Pace Chronicle to Interview President Krislov
Opportunity to Voice Concerns- Pace Chronicle to Interview President Krislov
Pace Chronicle StaffNovember 16, 2023

Staff members of The Pace Chronicle will interview University President Martin Krislov on Thursday, December 7.  The past months have been full...

Main Entrance of Kessel Cafe (Pace Chronicle file photo)
Does Pace University Do Enough To Accommodate Students With Dietary Restrictions?
Tisha Baker, Contributing Writer • November 14, 2023

Many students at Pace University face challenges dining at Kessel. Besides there being limited options for students with severe dietary restrictions,...

As Election Day Nears Voters & Candidates Prepare.

A standard sticker handed out to voters following their submission of ballots. (By “Vox Efx” via Wikimedia Commons)

On Election Day, the familiar wait and walk to fill out your ballot occurs. Often, you will read two names. One will be quite familiar to the public as they may hold the current office. The second person can be unfamiliar to the voter, or they’re a newcomer. How might the seasoned veteran feel learning of a newcomer running against them for office?

When asked how he feels running against someone who has never been in office, Carl Fulganzi, incumbent and returning candidate in the race for Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor had an appropriate response.

“It’s more involved, it’s a very personal thing with people, people want to connect with you, they want answers, they want you to listen, so again I am worried for someone with no political, or even county experience to come in and take over.”


Attempts were made to reach out to candidates Fulganzi and Frank Hrotko in the Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor race. Carl Fulgenzi was the only candidate to respond.


When discussing that this race was chosen because it has two runners, Fulgenzi said, “We try to connect with Pace University as much as possible. We just met with them not too long ago when the new President started there.”

On the other hand, neither Hrotko nor any campaign team member followed up with any emails or interviews.


“With the projects going on around the area it makes sense to have someone in charge who knows what they are doing and knows the system.” responded Savaira Anwar, Pace University sophomore, Writing and Rhetoric student when asked, “How they felt about the current Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor running against someone who has never help office?”

As voters weigh their options, it is essential to research both candidates’ backgrounds, policies, and plans for the town. Additionally, understanding the current state of the Mount Pleasant community and its challenges will be crucial in making an informed decision.


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