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Response to BIPOC Mentors Unpaid Since Fall
Response to "BIPOC Mentors Unpaid Since Fall"
Pace Chronicle Staff April 12, 2024

We thank Dr. Stephanie Akunvabey, Ms. Nila Bhaumik, and Ms. Susan Donahue for taking the article, posted on March 15th, 2024, into consideration...

Graduate Attacker Sydney Juvelier(#14) leaps in celebration with teammates Nikki Mottes(#28) and Lindsay Radmann(#23) vs Adelphi University on April 10, 2024(pacewlax/IG)
#1 WLAX Overcomes #3 Adelphi in Road Test
Dylan Brown, Managing Editor • April 11, 2024

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.-  Another top-5 matchup went to the Setters. Pace Women's Lacrosse defeated the Adelphi University Panthers 12-11 on the road....

Monkey Man Poster
Source: Wikipedia
Monkey Man: The Revival of Action Movies
James Steigerwald, Feature Editor • April 11, 2024

Monkey Man is an action/thriller movie released on March 11th, 2024, directed by and starring Dev Patel. Patel’s career breakthrough was his...

Exclusive: President Marvin Krislov Interview
Marvin Krislov gives his State of the University Address at the Pleasantville campus; February 20th, 2024. Photo obtained from

On February 1st, 2024, The Pace Chronicle sat down with Pace University President Marvin Krislov to ask questions on behalf of the Pleasantville student community. The Pace Chronicle released a Google Form in January for students to send in their questions for the president; these questions were the basis of this interview.

Among the topics of discussion were campus dining and building renovations on both campuses, Pace academics,  Pleasantville student life, and President Krislov’s involvement at the Pleasantville campus. Mr Krislov’s remarks on these topics can be found under the feature section of this website.

First, Mr. Krislov shared his day to day routine as president of the university, which is mostly comprised of meetings. “[Today, February 1st] I met with someone who’s been a donor, I met with someone who is helping us on our entrepreneurship program, I met with a faculty member who is on both campuses. […] I met with a former employee for lunch, and I came over to the athletics department and talk to Mark Brown and watched a little bit of the game. And then I had multiple calls, because I spent a fair amount of my day dealing with phone calls with the provost and with our Vice President for Enrollment Management, with my chief of staff, with my executive assistant.” 

Aside from working as the president of the university, Mr. Krislov teaches a couple of classes a semester. This spring, he is teaching an undergraduate political science course on the NYC campus.He teaches Public education every other spring and taught University 101 here on the Pleasantville campus last semester. On the White Plains campus, he teaches election law every other year.

He attends an Operations Committee meeting every Tuesday morning with deans to discuss current issues; additionally, the deans’ council meets with the provost once more a week without Mr. Krislov.

Currently, the deans are focused on expanding the universities’ interdisciplinary programs; programs that belong to multiple schools. There is a lot of room for this to grow in the university, and the goal is for different departments to collaborate for combined degrees.  “My belief and I think it’s the belief that probably most students have, is the world isn’t divided neatly into this college versus that college. And that’s not the way your minds work, that’s not the way your world works.” Mr. Krislov continued, “The idea of having deans and schools have relationships to each other, is actually better for your education and, and really mirrors the real world.”

Additionally, Assistant Provost, Kelly Kreitz is looking at the Pace Path and trying to make sure Pace is living up to the promise of the Pace Path and experiential learning.  Krislov encouraged students to be vocal about what kind of experiential learning they want for their program. 

He said, “Students can help us identify opportunities because you get out there and you explore things. And we have a real advantage in being the only university in this area and I think we need to even be more dominant in the way we approach relationships with outside entities, and it fits fully within the pace philosophy.”

Visit the news section of our website to read more from this conversation.

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