A Letter From The Editor – Cecilia Levine

A Letter From The Editor - Cecilia Levine

Cecilia Levine, Managing Editor

Often times I find that my job and my personal life are intricately intertwined. As I maintain a position of authority as the managing editor at The Pace Chronicle, I am confronted with decisions and trusted with secrets that other students may never encounter. I know too much and have the power to publicly address anything that seems necessary, yet I am frequently torn between my morale and my job. Do I risk forsaking a peer, a romance, a colleague or even an employer, or do I disregard pertinent information and save many from a head ache?

Most would agree to the latter, as recent Pace news has demonstrated the ability to shatter reputations and direct unwanted attention towards certain crowds. But for the sake of my job, which entails providing the Pace community with valid and unbiased information presented in an honest and equal manner, I choose the former.

“Freedom of speech, mother-*****r,” was among the many phrases that my neighbors in North Hall so eloquently vocalized last Wednesday. Yes, freedom of speech indeed, and also respect thy neighbor, “mother-f****r”. The first amendment extends to all of those who maintain a pulse and have the ability to articulate thought, whether it is through a pen and paper or a megaphone and loudspeakers.

Pace is an educational institution in which learning is promoted. I consider all of my interactions at the University to be learning experiences through which I gain insight based on encounters that helps me in formulating my own opinions. It is my job to further promote learning by presenting all of the facts so that those that I am servicing have the ability to formulate their opinions as well.

Please understand that it is never my intention to harm a peer, a romance, a colleague or an employer, but it is my responsibility to perform the duties that my job entails, to present the facts.

“[Athletes] have a freedom of choice, not freedom of consequences, and at Pace, those consequences are clearly laid out. Follow the rules, or don’t play,” said men’s lacrosse Coach Tom Mariano in a Pace Chronicle article that revealed drug use among some of his players.

It is of my understanding that many parties have taken offense to the topics that The Pace Chronicle has recently presented, and to those who have, I encourage you to voice your opinions and present outlying facts.

I beg you to exercise your right to the freedom of speech.

However, I urge you to bear in mind the relationship between cause and effect, sometimes referred to as “Karma” because what comes around goes around, and what goes around is The Pace Chronicle.