Registration Week, A Friend To None

Emily Wolfrum, Editor-in-Chief

‘Tis the season for frantic typing of CRN numbers and getting locked out of classes. Registration week can be any student’s worst nightmare, but for some students the path to finishing all those cores and AOKs is nothing compared to the most impossible feat of all—completing the major.

As a former communication arts and journalism turned English and communications turned communication arts and journalism turned communications major, I have a bit of experience with the dreaded major courses. I’ve changed my major three times as a result.

And, it’s not a matter of messing around. As a college freshman, I entered Pace with a whopping 37 credits. With my communication arts and journalism (CAJ) worksheet in hand, I saw a future filled with Radio News Production and News Editing. Yet, in my five semesters of registration, neither of these courses has been offered. Not to mention that the same three JRNs are offered semester after semester.

This year, come registration week, I looked at a mere 9 classes, 24 credits, to complete my degree. But when I opened the beloved Schedule Explorer, a pathetic three of the mandatory 9 classes were being offered.

I spoke to a few of my peers who were facing similar problems, all of whom had switched out of the CAJ major due to the infrequency of classes. Even advisors and department chairs strongly recommended an aversion of the degree.

What sense does it make that required classes never appear during a student’s undergraduate career? Do universities not profit enough without keeping students two full years just to finish a mere 24 credits?

Fortunately, the CAJ major is undergoing major revision, but for many other students their struggle is just starting as they get locked out of classes, screwed with registration holds, and misinformed without updated major worksheets.

A missed OSA deadline or frivolous parking ticket could cause a domino effect of complications, and even an extra semester of tuition bills.

Advisors often make tentative schedules without these factors in mind, as students watch their pristine schedules fade as quickly as their desired classes fill up.

Students then get thrown into a pool of TBA or 2 star rate-my-professors, and we all know those Course Evaluations haven’t changed a thing.

Pace-willing, next year will be my last at this university, but unfortunately, much like the outcome of registration week, this hope and dream is quite uncertain.

Good luck, my fellow Pace suckers. May the possibility of an increase in class size cap be ever in your favor.