An Invitation For Students To Complain Productively

Emily Wolfrum, Editor-in-Chief

If there is one thing that most Pace students can agree on, it’s how much they dislike Pace.

Complaints about various aspects of the school from WiFi to cafeteria food, price tag to professors can be heard in hallways or seen on Twitter.

But when administrators seek feedback, all is quiet.

Attendance by students at community meetings remains low, and editorial pitches in my inbox are virtually non-existent.

And, while I cannot deny the validity of campus discontent, I also cannot help but trace all problems back to student apathy.

I have been writing for the Pace Chronicle for three years, during which I have expressed quite a few opinions.

And, for each story printed, I have promptly received an e-mail from a corresponding administrator or faculty member seeking to improve the situation.

Contrary to the indistinct grumbles of Pace students, our university (generally) does want to help.

But first, they need to be able to hear you.

And so, I once again invite all bitter, overcharged, poorly fed, and highly opinionated students to direct their anger in a productive way.

First, weekly SGA senate meetings occur every Friday, and if you read last week’s issue, the provost even shows up once in a while.

Next, while the provost may not be at every senate meeting, he does host semi-frequent tea parties, where he welcomes your grievances. The next Tea with the Provost will take place on Thurs. April 16 at 3:30 p.m.

Finally, the Pace Chronicle is ultimately the voice of the students, and while this demographic may be missing in our readership, I can guarantee that administrators and faculty are not. And, when you articulately express your detest in the newspaper, these people really want to make you happy.

Articles and ideas are always welcome.