Printers in Dorms


The only printer in Kessel. Photo taken by Josiah Darnell.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

Printers are a basic necessity of college life. Every college student, at some point, will need to use a printer. For those who don’t plan to put a printer in their budget, Pace has supplied us with printers so that we may use it as needed, with a small fee of course. Almost all of the printers at Pace are located in the library, with the exception of one that can be found in Kessel and the top floor of Miller. Since that is the case if any student does not have a printer in their room or doesn’t know anyone with a printer their only option is to go to the library or Kessel. That is fine under normal circumstances, but what happens when you’re in a situation where you have five minutes before class starts and you have no time to make it to the library, the third floor of Miller, or Kessel? Or when you just finished a paper at midnight and all you can think about is sleep and come the next morning you forget to print it and don’t have it for class?

To help students out, printers should be placed in dorm buildings. Yes! That means a printer in Elm Hall, Alumni Hall, Martin Hall, North Hall, and definitely one at the townhouses. I say this because having a printer in the dorm buildings allow students to have easy access to them and will save them a late night commute, or any commute to the library or Kessel. Having printers in the dorm buildings will also help students stay on top of their work and keep them organized, knowing they can just walk down a flight of stairs to get what they need.

Having a printer in the residence halls will not be of any use unless students connect their laptops to the printers. For that, they would need to make a trip to the library to have the tech team there hook them up. Once that is done, you will have the ability to print from any printer on the campus through your laptop.

There doesn’t need to be a numerous amount of printers, in fact there only needs to be one. I think that would be good enough for everyone to benefit off of it and it would be satisfactory for everyone in residence halls. I know for me, there have been plenty of times where I needed to print something out, but did not feel like making the trip to the library or Kessel and I forgot to print out what I needed. I’m sure others can relate and that would be one of the reason why there should be others on campus.