Bring Back Kessel After Dark


Kessel After Dark when it existed, photo courtesy of google

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

For years, Kessel After Dark has been a place where students went to grab a late night snack after Kessel itself was closed for the day. It would set up shop where The Meltdown, the grilled cheese station, is usually during the day. There they served fried oreos, quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, and other fried delicacies. Kessel After Dark and Pace Perk would open up around the same time. Perk opening up at nine was a little earlier, but Kessel After Dark was shut down at the beginning of this year. Majority students preferred Pace Perk over it, and the hours were overwhelming for certain employees.

Even though Pace Perk might have a larger menu than Kessel After Dark and is closer to the dorms, you can never knock having two late night options. Since Kessel After Dark is no longer a thing, Pace Perk is the only on campus option to get something to eat after 10 o’clock. That may be okay because students rather Pace Perk anyway but just like all things it’ll always be good to have alternatives.

There will be a time where you’re not going to want any of the frozen foods they have at The Perk and opportunity to get something off campus will be slim because funds are slim. What happens then? You’ll be stuck with Pace Perk. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but eventually you will want something other than what they are offering.

Let’s not forget that Kessel has a much larger seating situation than Perk does, meaning that a lot more friends can accompany each other on their way to feed their hunger before calling it a night. Then you have to take into account the weird smell Perk gives off that sinks into your clothes and just doesn’t go away.

Kessel After Dark not only had its own individual menu but whatever was in the vicinity of the sandwich station was available to students too. I’m talking about the creating your own milkshakes, the ice cream and meals that are in the freezer next to the grab and go sandwiches and desserts, and the cookies and other sugary treats that are on the counter. In a way, Kessel After Dark was just as abundant in snacks and other mini meals as The Perk.

If hours need to be worked out to bring Kessel After Dark back, then I say let’s get to compromising. Food sources are already limited around here late at night so the more food options the better.