Let The Parties Begin


Willcox Multipurpose Room home to a lot of the parties that have taken place on campus. Photo courtesy of google.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

The social aspect of college life is a determining factor in the decision making process for students when they try to figure out if they want to remain at a school or not. Social life can include campus activities, friendships, clubs, organizations, and parties. Especially parties.

A lot of the time when high school seniors talk to college students one of the number one thing they ask them is, “how are the parties?”, or “is the school lit?” These are questions they feel they have to ask because they don’t want to be on a “boring” campus.

The parties here on the Pleasantville campus have three popular locations Paulies, Brother Jimmy’s, and the Townhouses. Don Coqui is also starting to become a more familiar place now. In order to get into Paulies and Brother Jimmy’s an ID is required. Some students may not have an ID and other students will get denied for obvious reasons.

That leaves just the other two locations the townhouses and Don Coqui. The townhouses or houses for short aren’t always having parties due to weather and just vibes alone and there is still the uncertainty of them being shut down. Once the house party is shut down that leaves students asking themselves what’s the next move?

An ID isn’t required for the entry into Don Coqui but a dress code is required and the commute there is never a guarantee. Being that it is located in White Plains makes it difficult for students to find a way there. Then if you show up in an attire that doesn’t fit their ideal look you can be turned down at the door. With all of these in mind it can leave students with a party less night.

After talking to a couple of students they proposed the idea of more student run parties. We have had some in the past and a lot of them took place in Wilcox Hall. Now what that does is gives students the chance to have an enjoyable time while still having the ability to enjoy the comforts of home. Home meaning campus. There will be no need for an ID and there will be no struggle in trying to find a way there.

Students wouldn’t have to worry about what they next move will be, if they plan on popping out off campus or not, and carrying extra money just in case things don’t go as planned. Student run parties will also keep students a lot safer and can ensure that they have a safe trip back to their dorms.

After a certain time, shuttles stop running from Memorial Plaza to the campus so Uber and Lyft gets more involved and that’s more business for them but students may not want to spend that extra cash. More students run parties will also have Pace University students talk more about how lit the campus is, which will then boost up enrollment because those high seniors will now want to be a part of the fun and action.