Do You Feel Empowered?


Erin Mason, Madia Bestman, and Bianca Steward, (left to right), all attendees at the Black Excellence Dinner. Photo taken by BSU.

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

What does it mean to be empowered? We could go online and look up the general definition and how it talks about being more strong and more confident but in reality each person has different feeling when it comes to being empowered.

In the month of February, Pace had two events where empowerment was a key component in the message that was being delivered. There was the 18th Annual MLK Commemoration Brunch held in the Wilcox Multipurpose room on February 9th. The other was the Black Excellence Dinner held in the Gottesman room in Kessel on February 24th.

I had the opportunity to attend the annual MLK luncheon where the guest speaker was Yusef Salaam. One of the Central Park Five. If that isn’t a great person to have empowerment based messages in his speech, then I don’t know who is.

He spoke about his experience from the time he was in the park that night to the time he was convicted. Each trial and tribulation he went through. His story turned back time and touched our hearts in a way that made it seem like as if we were there with him when his life changing moment took place.

Everything that was thrown his way could’ve dismantled him and completely destroyed him, yet he stayed empowered. That same confidence and strength he carried with him is the same confidence and strength we need in our everyday lives.

The Black Excellence Dinner was just another event held that had a mission to reach the hearts and minds of the students of Pace University. The annual dinner put together by the Black Student Union had huge impact on students who attending and have them waiting for more like it.

Madia Bestman, a sophomore and employee of Student Development and Campus Activities, attended the event and had nothing, but praise to say about it. “It was an amazing event and we need a lot more events like it,” she said.

“I felt empowered and we need to attend events like these to support each other. The turnout was great and people loved it,” she added.

Bestman was just one of the many students who was deeply impacted by the messages given at the dinner. A lot of students came out with positive vibes and brightening spirits.

Empowering students are essential to their success. School can be draining at times and the motivation to keep on can be faint. Empowerment events will help students to keep their motivation and to strive for greatness. After all, that is a big reason as to why we attend college.