Graduating With Class

Josiah Darnell, Opinion Editor

Graduation location is a huge deal to graduates and their families. Where a student graduates is the stamp of their last couple of days at the school they are finishing up at. For Pace, the students at the Pleasantville campus attend graduation at the Goldstein Fitness Center with the students at the City campus getting to graduate at Radio City Music Hall.

Location is extremely important because it sets the tone for the type of atmosphere that the ceremony contains. A good atmosphere makes for a much more memorable moment. If the atmosphere is bad, then you will likely leave a lot of that experience out of your memory.

Radio City Music Hall is an amazing place to hold graduation because of the size and the importance the building holds. It is a huge landmark in New York City because of the events held there- the NFL draft and the Rockettes are some examples. To know that you are sitting in a place where famous people have stepped foot in makes the moment that much more special.

For the students at the Pleasantville campus, Goldstein is something they set foot in every day, and the only thing special about it is the fact they are getting ready to put the cap on their college career there.

Size is important for a graduation ceremony as well, because size dictates the amount of family members a student can bring to graduation. College graduations are one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life- a lot of people can’t say that they graduated college. The amount of stress and heartache put into obtaining a diploma is something to be recognized, and who better to recognize that than family?

The more family members that are able to attend graduation, the more individuals in the student’s life get to share that special moment with them. Radio City Music Hall can hold a lot more people than Goldstein, meaning a lot more family members are able to attend.

This is not only good for families, but good for Pace as well because that means more tickets will be purchased and that’ll in turn go back into the school. An extremely valuable goal such as graduating college should be rewarded as such. I’m not saying that Pleasantville students should graduate at Radio City Music Hall, but definitely in an environment similar to it.